A Leap of Faith & A Taste of Freedom!

A fish jumping from a bowl that has many fish over to bowl which is empty

The day has finally come where Prompt Critical Solutions is officially a 24/7 business. Up to this point, I've been juggling a day job at a bank alongside of servicing clients. While the dual income was nice... and needed to help buy valuable infrastructure to start the company without taking out any loans... it was also a massive workload and at times stressful. The last few years working as the IT Infrastructure & Systems Lead at the bank was also valuable to learn new skills, hone existing ones, and make new friends. But, I now step out into the unknown having never been my own boss before. It's a leap of faith for sure and it has both been a very liberating and scary experience. But, I now have the time I need to better service my existing clients as well as take on more clients to help those small businesses who can't afford to hire a dedicated IT professional to be on their payroll.

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