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Shrinking a 20TB Virtual Disk Formatted With ReFS

Let us start with a bit of backstory before we dive into the "how to" portion shall we? In the early days of using Veeam, the original backup and replication server I started with was a bare metal/physical server. The primary repository had a capacity of 20TB of usable space and my clients were barely using any of it at the time. Fast forward a few years and I was approaching 16TB of that storage consumed and it was looking like there was no end in sight for growth, so I needed to find a replacement solution. While there were tons of options available, what I chose to go with (for better or worse) was a server which had over 5 times the storage capacity as the original. But, this time I intended to use it as a hypervisor to pull double duty and make storage management of backups a bit easier to deal with... or so I thought at the time...and I was more or less right in the end. Rather than stand up a new Veeam Backup & Replication server and start all over... and in doing