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We Live in a 3D World

Well... it's been quite a while since the last blog post and a lot has changed in that time. Among them is the addition of a 3D printer. It's been on the shopping list for many years now and in the past they have been far too cost prohibitive to warrant purchasing one just so I could occasional produce a custom 3D part. Any time a custom 3D part was needed in the past, I often turned to to do the printing. Although expensive, they turn out quality products. As of late though, 3D printers have finally come down in price enough to say "what the heck" and I pulled the trigger on getting one. Say hello to the new  Elegoo Neptune 2D  2-color printer.... As for the "why" of the purchase, as mentioned, I have occasionally sent out to have parts printed. A single Keystone grommet that I have on my Shapeways store can set you back $51 (and that's just the raw cost... not including any tax or shipping). The printer was just a shade north of $200...